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My Current Research Interests:

"The Supply & Demand for Public Goods: A Pedagogical Model" (a paper I presented at the political economy seminar at the University of Southern California).

"Falling Profits and Accelerating Inflation: an Alternative to the Phillips Curve and the NAIRU" (my sabbatical research, continuing now that I'm back at LMU full-time).

"An Alternative Measure of Cost-of-Living Inflation Using the Genuine Progress Indicator" (published in a book, Political Economy and Contemporary Capitalism: Radical Perspectives on Economic Theory and Policy. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1999). A more up-to-date version will be published soon in Challenge.

"The Goldilocks Economy and the Three Bears," a current-events talk. Click here or here to see versions of this article.

"Globalization and the 'Universal Market': An Essay on Krugman's Analysis of Increasing Inequality."

"Socially Fruitful vs. Profitable Investment and Crises: A Marx/Smith Synthesis."

"A Simple Neoclassical Model of Marxian Exploitation."


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